Do You Have Low Immunity?????

Today’s fast life has changed people’s living habits a lot. Now there is no fixed schedule for when you eat, when you sleep and when you work. Because of it our body’s functions are disturbed and we are poised to many health related issues. Now the question is how is our living schedule associated with our health. So the simple answer is, it affects our body’s immunity system which is group of organs which protect our body from various infections. Weak immune system is like invitation to many health problems like Arthritis, Diabetes (type 1) and many more.

Low immunity results in many health issues like catching cough and cold every now & then, feeling tired most of the time-Fatigue, skin issues, patchy hair loss, etc. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle & aging are some other causes of weak immune system. But don’t worry, today we will show you 5 ways to boost your immune system naturally.

So, immunity system should not be taken for granted and should actually put an effort to keep it strong. Here are the 5 ways to boost our immune system:-

  • Ashwagandha: An Indian herb, which has so many herbal benefits and which instantly boost immune system.
    • How To use ?? Just take 1 tb of it with 1 glass of hot milk 1 hour before going to bed. If you are having problem in digesting milk just have it with 1 glass of water. undefined
  • Giloy: Giloy and other ayurvedic herb called Amrita which literally translates to the root of immortality. It helps remove the toxins, purifies the blood and helps fighting bad bacteria.
    • How to use: Just add 1 tb of it with 1 glass of Luke warm water and have it empty stomach in the morning. undefined
  • Mint Drink: This is one sweet soft drink to make your immune system stronger.
    • How to make?? Just take 500 ml of water and boil it. Now add half teaspoon of turmeric in it. And add 10-12 leaves of mint. Take it in a glass, let it cool a bit and then add 1 tb of honey in it. This drink has all the antioxidants to fight the infectious microbes in the body. Try to replace with your tea. undefined
  • Turmeric: It boost the immune system through its amazing antioxidants, anti- inflammatory and anti microbial properties.
    • How to use ?? Just add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric into the hot water and have it 1 hour before going to sleep. It will instantly shield your body from infectious microbes. undefined
  • Amla: It has Vitamin C which makes antibodies that fights infections. Vitamin C in 1 Amla is equal to that received from 20 Oranges.
    • How to use?? You can have amla at any time in a day and in any form- raw amla, pickle, juice .undefined

OF course, you need not to have all these together. You can pick any way of your wish and try it for few months. It is also advisable to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet. Include seasonal fruits daily in your diet.

Sit in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes a day which is a source of Vitamin D. Exercise regularly. Minimize the use of junk foods and high sugary foods. Drink sufficient water to naturally flush out the toxins and detox the body. Maintain proper sleep schedule. Do not excessively indulge in smoking or drinking.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Healthy And Stay Blessed. #Health Food Fonts

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