Women, Would you mind replacing all other medicines with this one product????-A must have Ayurvedic product after age of 40 years.

As we all know that after the age of 40 years, our body’s nutrition absorption capacity reduces. Hence our body could not retain much nutrients as is necessary and we have to become more dependedent on supplements. As per the research, almost 59% of women are suffering from Anemia and almost 7 out of 10 women are suffering from Vitamin-D defficiency. This often leads to reduction in the RBC (Red Blood Cells) as well as lowering our Hemoglobin levels which may case weakness in our body and also affects our immunity power.

If proper care is not taken at such age then it may cause many other problems like, Menstrual problems, Reduced Metabolism, Hormonal Imbalance, PMS, problems in Menopause. Also the overall reduction in calcium levels may lead to Bones related diseases like- Osteoporosis, Joint pain, Heart diseases as well.

So this product names Naturamore encompasses all the required nutrients for your body and you need not to eat medicines for individual problems. It contains various nutritional elements like:-

  • Oats : which contains fibrous elements for our digestive problems as well as Hormonal Imbalance.
  • Soya: For Protein Isolation.
  • Calcium: For overall Bones Health & Maintaining Bones Mineral Density.
  • Iron/ Folic Acid: For increasing Blood counts & Anemia
  • Biotin: For Skin , Hair & Nail care.
  • Lycopene: which acts as an Anti-Oxydent.
  • Aloevera: For Digestion Problems.
  • OMEGA 3 DHA: For Mind & Eyes care as well as overall Metabolism.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: For daily energy levels.


This product can be taken by women of any age group. But it is a must for women of age above 40 years.

Direction To use: Add one Scoop of Naturamore with water or milk and stir well. It can be added to shakes, soups, juices, flour, etc for food fortification.

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